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Sup November 15th?

Posted on November 15th, 2012

Watch 1D surprise their fans at Madame Tussaud’s pretending to be wax statues. Warning: It’s a surprise.

Justin Bieber is begging Selena Gomez to come back to him. Via text. Very smooth.

Kelly Clarkson wants breast implants, but she’s too chicken to go under the knife. I kinda think her boyfriend can talk her into this. Y’know, unless he doesn’t like “bigger boobs,” as she calls them.

Most unexpected beef of the year? Robert DeNiro and Jay-Z. This could get AMAZING!!! Who’s got the scarier entourage? Gotta go with Bobby. He’s got Pesci.

Ke$ha has “sex buddies” planted all over the world. It’s because she likes sex.

The most disturbing Twilight merchandise is… actually pretty disturbing.

Watch 15 seconds of Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson’s upcoming movie. It’s exactly what you’d expect from 15 seconds of Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson’s upcoming movie

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