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Sup November 19th?

Posted on November 19th, 2012

Rihanna’s 777 Tour is reportedly getting “rowdy as hell.” Let the streaking begin! Oh, it already has…
http://goo.gl/oMB7C and http://goo.gl/iw6bs

TMZ thinks Bieber and Selena are not together right now. (Sad winky face)

Frank Ocean’s supposed boyfriend revealed! As if you don’t want to click on this…

Chris Brown has a modeling contract. Because he can sell anything! Except for records…

Corey Taylor wants Justin Bieber for a Slipknot collaboration. Hey, if he can do dubstep he can do nu-metal, okay?

Taylor Swift is getting death threats already from 1D fans… who are probably also T-Swift fans and will then begin sending death threats to Harry Styles.

Happy birthday to Tyga!

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