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Sup October 17th?

Posted on October 17th, 2012

Chris Brown now has a lion on his throat. No, a lion is not mauling him to death. It’s just another dumb tattoo. http://goo.gl/nxJRS

Tyga is now the proud owner of a new baby boy. His name is King Cairo. Not Jimmy, as I expected.

One Direction crush their fans’ dream by cancelling meet and greet. I’m sure they’ll get over it. When they’re 40 and $2 million in debt from all the therapy.

Miley Cyrus is all ready for Halloween. Except for pants. She can’t seem to find her pants.

So what will the Jonas Brothers album sound like? We don’t know and they don’t seem to know either.

The Peter Pan of rap, Eminem, is 40 today. Think about that.

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