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Sup October 23rd?

Posted on October 23rd, 2012

Taylor Swift’s Red on course to sell a million copies in its first week. Y’know, after being on sale for just one day it’s so easy to project these sales figures.

Kanye West will propose to Kim Kardashian any minute now. This according to the great all-seeing eye and most brilliant man in showbiz, Ryan Seacrest.

I can’t put my finger on it, ahem, but there’s something weird about Nicki Minaj’s breasts…

Aww… JC Chasez wasn’t at Justica’s wedding. Neither was Joey Fatone and Lance Bass. In fact, the only N-Stinker was Chris Kirkpatrick. Say whaaaat??!?!? That guy!

Christina Aguilera’s last album was a MASSIVE flop because “it was ahead of its time.” Her words, nobody else’s.

Happy Birthday “Weird” Al! Now let’s celebrate by watching UHF in its entirety!


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