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Sup October 4th?

Posted on October 4th, 2012

Justin Bieber says spaghetti and milk is a Canadian thing. The National Post says it isn’t. They’re tripping! What goes down better than spag bol and cow juice?

Uhh, this disembodied face that Lady Gaga is now projecting on stage at her concerts will make you wish she would wear more meat dresses to make us feel unsettled.

Chris Brown and Rihanna went on a date together to the Jay-Z concert last night. Wait, didn’t Jay-Z want to kill him? Expect a follow-up story later today saying Hov killed C-Breezy.

So, what’s Rage Against the Machine up to these days? Well, apparently they might be making an album. Oh and the bassist has a new hobby: removing his own teeth. Move over bagel heads…

Happy World Animal Day! Go hug a Blob Fish. They need some love.

Here is your moment of zen: Nardwuar vs. RiFF RaFF