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Sup September 11th?

Posted on September 11th, 2012

Did the MMVAs bring Redfoo and Carly Rae Jepsen together for her new single? Maybe, eh? Update: Lauren Toyota has confirmed that it was in fact MuchMusic that united these two. Look at us go!

Chris Brown got a tattoo of a Rihanna-alike on his neck. This guy is full of great ideas.

Speaking of Rihanna, she told Piers Morgan to “grow a dick” on Twitter after he criticized her new hair cut. Piers replied, tweeting, “Way ahead of you. Just waiting for that new herbal remedy to arrive in the mail.”

Cee-Lo has a Christmas album coming out, says it’s the “real deal.” I say that if it isn’t 12 different holiday versions of “F**k You,” no one will buy it.

And a happy birthday to Ludacris. Sure we don’t really listen to you anymore, but without your verse on “Baby,” Justin Bieber wouldn’t have all that street cred.

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