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Sup September 13th?

Posted on September 13th, 2012

Today is, like, definitely the best day that ever happened because it’s Niall Horan’s birthday. Well, unless you like any of the other four better.

There will be a new Rihanna album out in November, and a new single on Monday. Expect eight songs about how bad she is, another five about how much she still loves a guy that brutally assaulted her, and three really great tunes.

There is also a new Christina Aguilera album out in… c’mon, you don’t really care anymore either.

Justin Timberlake’s granny leaked details of his wedding to Jessica Biel. I’ve always said, never trust a senior. They will sell you down the river in a heartbeat when a little green is flashed.

Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) to develop a TV show about his life. So, if it’s anything like his music, it should be boring and completely lacking substance, while failing to mask that he tries way too hard.

Finally, undo your belt, unbutton your jeans and just gorge on all things chocolate till 11:59 PM because today is International Chocolate Day. Maybe try a Wispa bar. That’s what Niall likes. ♥

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