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Sup September 14th?

Posted on September 14th, 2012

Miley Cyrus tweets that she needs more love. Man, she should have mentioned this four years ago during “Party in the USA.”

Lady Gaga got a tattoo in front of her fans at her perfume launch party. She called it “Sleeping With Gaga.” Probably because it was so boring and pretentious to watch, her fans fell asleep.

Speaking of pretentious, watch an ad for Kanye’s Cruel Summer comp.

Will.i.am got his $700k car back. Wonder if the thief stashed some sardines or dirty diapers under the seats. Or put sugar in the gas tank. That’s what I would have done.

Travis Barker says “the best is yet to come from Blink-182.” It only makes sense since their last album was the worst that has come so far.

If you’ve had a spyware or malware virus, it’s most likely because you’ve been searching for nude pics of Emma Watson. C’mon! As if those exist.

A cinema in London is employing “ninjas” to regulate good behaviour during screenings. You read that right. Ninjas. With stealth movements, ninja stars and a ninjato. Best not to hire Ninja Cat though. He scares so easily.

Ninja Cat – watch more funny videos

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