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Sup September 27th?

Posted on September 27th, 2012

Ke$ha admits to having sex with a ghost. Casper, Slimer and Bloody Mary are all pleading the Fifth though.

Nicki Minaj is doing a reality show for E!. Great, I’m sure it will be lots of fun and all, but why has this become the biggest entertainment story in the world?

Chris Brown’s new video is called “Don’t Judge Me.” Man, he’s just asking for the impossible.

Oh and speaking of that guy, he totally made out with Nicole Scherzinger, despite her claiming they didn’t. A tabloid photo never lies!

Lil Wayne opened a skate park in New Orleans. Why? Well it’s his 30th birthday today!

Today is World Tourism Day. Go somewhere.

All the cool kids are doing it, so you should too. It’s called the Bagel Head and it literally makes your forehead look like a bagel. Hey, not everyone was into genital piercing and look how popular that has become!


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