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Sup September 4th?

Posted on September 4th, 2012

Nicki Minaj raps that she’s a Republican and voting for Mitt Romney on Weezy’s new mixtape. Also reveals Clint Eastwood will have a guest verse on a remix of her next fan voted single.

Lady Gaga went steampunk. She’s so ahead of her time. This is 2009, right?

Cher Lloyd launched a perfume. Inspired by getting bottles of urine thrown at her, she chose the scent of pee.

Swizz Beatz wants you to like Alicia Keys’ new makeover. No, c’mon guys, give her a chance. She had a baby!

Kanye West got deep and wondered aloud on Twitter if “bitch” can be an endearing name to call a loved one. It came in response to a new song he wrote about girlfriend Kim Kardashian called “Perfect Bitch.” One-hit wonder Meredith Brooks cries out “YES! IT CAN!” hoping Yeezy’s thought of the day can relaunch her career.

Today is Newspaper Carrier Day. Give your paper boy/girl a hug or tip. And try not to run over them with your vehicle. They have feelings too.

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