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Sup September 7th?

Posted on September 7th, 2012

Not sure if you knew, but the MTV VMAs happened last night. Here are the winners. But first, I must say, M.I.A. got robbed of the Best Video. C’mon! “Bad Girls” was the coolest looking video, maybe ever. Plus, Those dudes in the cars could have died! She could have died!


See who looked glamorous and who looked like total garbage last night at the VMAs in this fashion round-up.

SCAN. DA. LOUS. Chris Brown and Rihanna kissed at the VMAs. Where was Drake for the beat down?

If you don’t feel like you gave Nicki Minaj enough money buying Roman Reloaded, well, you can give her more when she re-releases it in November with a bunch of crappy, leftover tracks.

What a sweetheart! Chris Brown volunteered at a domestic violence prevention center. No way this was a) court ordered, b) a publicity stunt, or c) both a and b. He means it guyz.

Kristen Stewart avoided the boos at the VMAs by attending TIFF last night.

Never forget. Eazy-E would have turned 49 today.

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