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Text or Next: Meet Your Bachelors Brendan, Mark, and Brock

Posted on August 2nd, 2012

Yesterday on Text or Next, Brendan (left), Mark (middle), and Brock (right) were your bachelors! Brendan, who ended up winning over Irina’s heart, loves travelling and dogs. He’s looking for an independent woman who’s outgoing but totally gets turned off by women who use their phone while he’s on a date with them. Let’s hope Irina doesn’t do that on their date!

Mark is enthusiastic, outgoing, and loves having a good time. Brock works in the music industry and loves going to live shows. He’s a sensitive type and loves sappy movies. Get to know the guys a bit better in the videos below. And ladies, Mark and Brock are still single FYI!

Meet Brendan!

Meet Brock!

Meet Mark!