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The OG Crew Killed It and Won Today’s NML Dance Battle!

Posted on May 10th, 2012

Today on New.Music.Live., T-RexXx hosted another edition of dance battles and it was quite the show! It was boys against girls, with The OG Crew and Nuvo-Burlesque hitting the stage. Our resident judges Lenny Len and Janet L. Castillo told the crews they had to perform with a prop, which made this battle a whole lot more interesting! Each crew brought their own flavour and style to the battle but only one could take it. Lenny Len, Janet L. Castillo and Danny Fernandes had good and bad things to say about each crew but when it came down to it, they were unanimous and crowned The OG Crew as the winners! A big shout out to The OG Crew and our amazing judges!

Tomorrow on NML, we’ve got what you want…NML Presents: The Wanted. If you’re a fan, you better tune in at 6PM ET!

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