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Throwback Thursday: The Strokes “Last Nite”

Posted on January 31st, 2013

Throwback Thursday is totally a thing right now, so we’re jumping on that bandwagon and bringing you old school music videos every week. Because why wouldn’t you want to hear the songs that made the careers of some of today’s biggest and most influential artists?

Earlier this week, The Strokes announced that their fifth studio album, Comedown Machine will be released on March 26 via RCA. They’ve already received mixed reviews for their first single, “One Way Trigger” but either way, we’re happy to have the boys back making new music. This news also comes at the perfect time because we can reminisce on their first album, Is This It for Throwback Thursday.

The Strokes’ debut album came out in 2001 and received praise from both the mainstream and independent markets. The biggest selling albums that year were from Michael Jackson, Shaggy, and ‘N Sync, so to have a guitar driven album like Is This It was practically a godsend. The grungy guitars, punchy drums, and the rough tone to Julian Casablancas’ voice really lent itself to a new 2001 sound. It was tough to pick just one song from Is This It because they’re all awesome but check out the music video for “Last Nite,” which was directed by Roman Coppola who wrote The Darjeeling Limited and Moonrise Kingdom.

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