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Today on NML: semi-finals of NML Battlez: Electric Circus

Posted on October 25th, 2012

Today is October 25, 2012.

Today marks the semi-finals of NML Battlez: Electric Circus! Dance crews have been competing every week and we’ve narrowed it down to 3: Breakreation, Deuce ‘n Dip, and Bucc ‘n Flvr. The 3 crews will battle it out today on New.Music.Live. but only 2 crews will survive and make it to the final round this Saturday at Electric Circus. The winning prize of NML Battlez: Electric Circus is the best prize yet…5000 bucks presented by Much and the release of Dance Central 3 on Kinect for Xbox 360!

Tune in today at 6ET to see which 2 crews make it to Saturday’s Electric Circus.

Don’t forget to watch Electric Circus this Saturday at 10ET/7PT on MuchMusic. You also have a chance at winning $5000 just by watching the show!

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