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Top Ten Couples Of 2011: Part I

Posted on December 7th, 2011

When it comes to celebrity romance, a lot can happen in a year. Demi and Ashton are no longer that couple we can refer to when we’re joking about cougars, J.Lo is on to the next one—again—and Kim Kardashian may have tarnished the little credibility celeb marriage had left. How dare she!? Well there were some couples who got together, stayed together or just gave us some damn good gossip this year. Here’s my list of the Top 10 Couples of 2011: Part One.

10. Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald
I know what you’re thinking: that chick from Twilight and who? Well unless you watched the last season of American Idol or are familiar with the underground Nashville bluegrass rock scene, you probably didn’t know who Paul McDonald was before he put a ring on Nikki Reed. Since their whirlwind romance began early this year, Paul and Nikki have been flaunting some serious PDA on red carpets around the world. They made my list pretty much soley for the fact that when I interviewed Nikki at the MMVAs this year, Paul was off-camera holding her shoes. Adorable. Oh and their wedding album is super cute. Oh and they recorded a song together called “Now That I Found You.” Yeah, they’re that couple BUT the song is actually super sweet and only mildly nauseating.

9. Blake Lively and Leonardo Dicaprio
There are two types of celebrity couples: the ones you love because you adore them and want them to live happily ever after and then, there are the ones you love to hate. For me, Blake Lively and Leonardo Dicaprio fall into the latter. Sure this couple flew pretty under the radar and only survived a few months this year but HE’S LEONARDO DICAPRIO AND SHE’S BLAKE LIVELY. As in, he’s a multiple Academy Award nominated actor, arguably the most eligible bachelor in Hollywood and like, Jack from Titanic, and she is Serena VanDerMumbles on Gossip Girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love Gossip Girl and I really love Blake’s style but she became straight up offensive to me as soon as she wooed Leo. As much as this couple irked me, their union was definitely one of the most memorable of the year. Blake made it even more interesting when she reportedly up and left Leo for Ryan Reynolds. Oh snap. I can hate all I want but homegirl has game.

8. Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling
This one is strictly superficial. Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are just nice to look at. There is something about two people coupling up who are really ridiculously good looking. It’s like it’s just how nature intended it. Is that vain? Obviously. They’re my new Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. Let’s just pray they make it another few years and have really ridiculously good looking babies. Do it for nature Ryan and Eva.

7. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth
This couple may have only made this list because I have an unhealthy crush on Liam Hemsworth but there is something about them together that makes them deserving of a place in my Best Couples of 2011. Miley and Liam broke up and got back together this year. They mostly stayed out of the spotlight while Miley rejoined Twitter and tweeted about their romantic nights on the couch and Liam was quoted as saying he thinks Miley is the sexiest when she’s chomping on burgers, face covered in barbecue sauce. Awww! Miley may not have shed her bad girl image this year but low-key Liam might be a good influence for her in 2012.

6. Katy Perry and Russell Brand
Oh quirky Katy and wacky Russell! Katy Perry had the biggest year of her career in 2011 and Russell was by her side supporting his lady all year. Well, almost all year. When Katy hit a few events without her man and her wedding ring, rumours flew that the eccentric couple had called it quits. Katy quickly dispelled those reports and took to Twitter to defend her marriage. It’s all good in the Brand hood y’all. We can all breathe a sigh of relieve and cross our fingers they’ll make it another year.

I know you’re dying to know which couples made my Top 5 of 2011. Check back tomorrow for the final list!

- Kathleen
New.Music.Live. Team


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