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Vote For NML’s Pop Culture President

Posted on July 30th, 2012

In honour of our special NML with the stars of The Campaign, we’re picking our very own NML Pop Culture President! We’ve got some solid candidates who are going to make it a tough competition. These potential rulers of all things pop are up on their social media and they’ve all delivered some memorable pop culture moments. Check out our candidates below and go to our Twitter (@NML) to vote for a winner.

President: Justin Bieber

First Lady: Selena Gomez

Campaign Slogan: If I Was Your President, I’d Never Let You Go

President: Jay-Z

First Lady: Beyonce

Vice President: Kanye West

Campaign Slogan: Ball So Hard, Those Taxes Cray

President: Katy Perry

Vice President: Rihanna

Campaign Slogan: California Girls Are Undeniable

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