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We Couldn’t Say No to Conor Maynard Today on NML!

Posted on July 13th, 2012

What a way to end the week! British cutie Conor Maynard co-hosted the entire episode of New.Music.Live. and performed for us!

Conor talked all about his new album Contrast and his new single “Vegas Girl,” which are both dropping at the end of July. Jesse also played a bunch of fun games with Conor! He has such a recognizable laugh so we played soundbites of celebrity laughs for him to guess and he was really good at it! It’s no secret that Conor is a huge fan of chick flicks, so Jesse and Conor played “Headbands” and guessed which romantic films they were hinting at. And I have to add that Conor is freakin’ hilarious, so quick on his toes! We were glad to have him here on NML!

Of course, Conor Maynard showed off his incredible talents by performing acoustic versions of “Can’t Say No,” and “Vegas Girl.”  If you thought his voice was amazing, well it was even better during these acoustic songs! He made all the ladies scream, that’s for sure!

On Monday, it’s the premiere of the Degrassi summer season and the cast will be hanging out on NML and later in our parking lot for the premiere event! Tune in at 6 ET and keep it locked on MuchMusic for a night full of Degrassi.

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