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We Wanna See You Dance to Ke$ha’s “C’Mon”

Posted on February 4th, 2013

Let’s have a NML Dance Party to “C’Mon” by Ke$ha!

Last week you all sent us videos dancing to “Stutter” by Marianas Trench and it looked like you guys had a ton of fun! This weekend grab your video camera and get dancing to Ke$ha’s addictive track, “C’Mon.” You can be creative with your video; you could reenact Ke$ha’s music video, make up a dance routine with all of your friends or just dance alone to the song in your bedroom. You could do just about anything and the fun thing is your video will air live on NML this Friday! So get dancing and upload your video to YouTube and tweet us the link to @NML with the hashtag #NMLDanceParty.

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