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What I Can’t Stop Listening To Today

Posted on March 24th, 2011

This is a just a short and sweet little post to tell you about something I have been obsessing over all day. If you have been tuning in to New.Music.Live. in the past few months you will have noticed that our team is crazy in love with Adele and her video for “Rolling in the Deep.” The UK songbird pours her soul out into every song and we have eaten it up.

So imagine my joy when I come upon a cover of “Rolling in the Deep” from one of the most soulful male singers out there right now, John Legend. The song is done in a beautiful a capella with a chorus of men on back up vocals. I even dared to call it better than Adele’s despite calls of blasphemy. To check out what I am talking about, listen to it here.

- Jessica
New.Music. Live. Team


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