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Why Is Liz Dressed So Wacky? Find out on NML Presents: DWW in Punta Cana This Friday!

Posted on April 25th, 2012

2 more days until Friday and we all know what’s happening then: NML Presents: DWW in Punta Cana at 6pm ET.

In case you missed out on the info on the special, I will fill you in.  A few weeks ago, myself, Jesse Giddings and the boys in Down With Webster went for a CRAZY week long vacation in Punta Cana.  Upon arrival, we found out one of us could be upgraded to a Rock Star Suite that cost $10,000 a night!!  So, the boys being boys, decided to set up a competition and the best man (or woman) would get the room. I won’t give away too much but let’s just say I lost a challenge and was dealt with the consequence of wearing a ridiculous vacationer’s outfit to dinner one night. Compared to the rest of the boys, I got off easy… But, you all know I take fashion seriously so it was a tad embarrassing for me!

Tune in Friday to NML for the craziness. Just remember to hold onto your red cups because there will be a lot of “cheers-ing” in this hour-long special!

New.Music.Live Team

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